Posed Newborn sessions

I’m so excited to add these newborn photo studio sessions to my session offerings. While I love the lifestyle family at-home sessions, and much of the posed newborn images can be captured in those sessions — this session is for baby only. The newborn studio session can be added to a lifestyle family session to achieve both the posed and lifestyle images. There are also add-on options for maternity and family, please contact me to discuss what works best for your family. schedule a free consult.


When to book your newborn session

It’s best to book the session for 5-12 days after your due date, ideally at least a few months in advance. If the session is pre-booked I can guarantee availability knowing that the date will shift. Without pre-booking, it can make it difficult to get the right date for the photos. If it isn’t pre-booked, I’ll still do my very best to make time for your baby’s photo session!

What to expect at your newborn photo studio session

After booking the newborn session you’ll receive detailed information about what to expect leading up to, during, and after the studio session. There isn’t a lot that you will need to do to prepare. It’s best to keep to baby’s normal schedule (if there is one yet!) and not to keep baby awake prior to the session. Once you arrive and feed your baby I will wrap and soothe until baby falls asleep. Babies tend to eat more during the session so be prepared for extra feedings.

You can relax, read a book, watch - have a friend or spouse come along as it will take 2-3 hours. The studio is kept very warm so I recommend dressing in layers.


This is number one for me during the photo session. As a mom of twin 6 yr olds, and photographing many newborns, I have a lot of experience handling babies (often two at a time!). Safety always comes first with newborn photography, in fact in all photography involving children. I will never force a baby to do anything they seem resistant to and baby is not ever left unattended. Lights have counter-weights so they cannot tip. If I need to step away an assistant or parent has a hand on the baby. Many poses are composites as it is not safe to have a newborn’s head un-supported.